About Oakland Summer School:

What we’re about: Oakland Summer School amplifies connections among community members and uplifts radical projects that activate community engagement and empowerment. Driven by commitment to the abolition of oppressive systems and the flourishing of QTBIPOC art, activism, learning, and life, we foster free gatherings characterized by warmth and welcome; attention to body, spirit, and mind; and, often, food. It’s our hope that people showing up will realize they can do stuff like this, too!

How we are organized: We are autonomous and horizontal, and we aim to create new modes of social relations. We meet whenever the conditions and the will emerge and we keep it light and friendly, always building our relationships with an ever-shifting crew of organizers. Our structures shift to accommodate our individual and collective capacity. We are all volunteers but in our ideal world it’d be summer all the time and we’d get paid for this!

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, email us at oaklandsummerschool@gmail.com or sign up to join our mailing list below.